Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spacey exam answers

At the conclusion of the Fall semester, I commented that a number of students had written rather corny answers to one of my final exam questions.

This semester, I will have to say that some of the answers to one question were rather spacey.

This semester, I can no more blame the students for the exam answer outcome than I could last time. In the Fall, I had a question about the diffusion of hybrid corn. This time, I had a question about perceputal maps.

This marked the first time that an exam of mine did not feature any questions about fictional rap musicians. I am not sure why; somehow, the questions just did not emerge. It was more deliberate--given a rather tragic event recently in the news--that I did not feature any questions about Avenging Ammo.

So what did I have this time? There were some beautiful questions about:
  • Optimal pricing of cookies sold by The Greedy Girl Scout Group.
  • Effective public relations methods by Sigma Sigma Sigma, also known as the Sorority Sister Surfers.
  • A possible strategic problem for MySpaceInTheCorner.com, a web site that would not allow children who had misbehaved to go to any other web destinations until they had (1) written for at least five hours about why they were being punished and (2) left comments on at least fifteen other children's entries on how much they deserved to be punished.
  • Traitor Joe, a rather repugnant fellow engaging in severely objectionable import and export practices.

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