Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Backache today

With apologies to the Eagles:

Some boxes were going to hurt my back
Before the day was through
There is a backache today
Backache today
Backache today, I know
There is nothing I can do
Except to continue to take aspirin

Hoffman Hall in the Marshall School of business is undergoing renovation. This has set in motion a large chain of events of office relocations. Yesterday, it was my time to move. The song lyrics above hint at the more salient collateral consequences for me. My new office is considerably smaller than my old one, so I have to move a large number of items into storage. For now, my office is littered with boxes, but my back is probably not going to allow for this straegic relocation today.

To paraphrase Call Sign Charlie in Top Gun, "It's a good thing that [I] don't have to make a living as a singer."

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