Saturday, May 19, 2007

The bozos cancelled Gilmore Girls

As the late Jim Croce said, "It was bound to happen--just a matter of time." Hopefully, the decision the bozos made was "one of a painful kind."

Realistically, keeping Gilmore Girls going now that Rory would be on the road would probably be too difficult. Sure, Lorelai and Rory could talk over the phone, but part of the series is, of course, about their shared experiences.

I am torn. Maybe it is best that we each get to imagine how the story progresses. There were just so many issues left unresolved:
  1. Will Rory ever get a position at the New York Times?
  2. How will things turn out between Lorelai and Luke? Did the last episode strongly hint that they would remain "friends plus" with nothing more?
  3. Will anything happen between Rory and Logan? Their last encounter, when Rory turn down Logan's proposal, was rather surprising. Both Rory and Logan have been known to reverse themselves.
  4. Will Luke and his daughter be able to take the boat trip next year?
  5. How will things turn out with Lane's two babies? What will be the relationship with their grandmother?
  6. Will we ever see Lane's father? Lane has repeatedly referred to "my parents," but we have never seen the father. Wouldn't he at least have some obligation to show up for his daughter's wedding?
I had feared this would happen when Rory went off to college. Harvard would have been a considerable distance from Stars Hollow, but then we got a reprieve when Rory decided on nearby Yale instead. But, with Rory now on the road, "[writing] us out of this" one might have been too difficult even for Joan Wilder.

The number of truly eccentric people on TV has been considerably reduced with the passing of Gilmore Girls. I just hope they don't cancel Monk anytime soon!


Anonymous said...

I think Rory will take place in New York Times.. She is a whiz at the Television... I always like to watch Gilmore Girls episodes again, in which Rory has done work...

charley said...

Gilmore Girls is my favorite show. Its one of the best show on television that I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Rory should have got pregnant. The whole basis of the series is that Lorelai needs a companion for being a misfit for showing the same behavior traits she had to become pregnant with Rory.

If Rory gets pregnant, it would show Lorelai using the aged experience to her advantage rather than trying to live as a flirtatious un-committed coffeehouse girl all her life.

I felt it was wrong to suggest that Rory merely "ruined an experience for herself" having sex and had no physical evidence of irresponsibility for making the same mistake as her mother.

Two ways this could go for a new season:
1. Rory has a boy child and the cycle ends, void of the original concept, but entertaining nonetheless.
2. Rory has a girl child and the cycle continues with the original concept.

These allow for many different sub-consequences.