Monday, April 02, 2007

New nightmare--or warning not to do the things I have dreamt I have done!

Recently, I dreamed that I would have to face another set of doctoral qualifying exams.

Last night, I dreamed that I was back in the Ph.D. program and had--for reasons that were not clear--neglected to turn in my assignments throughout the semester in my econometrics class.

These specific dreams are new. Periodically, I have a nightmare that I am back in college and have neglected to attend an English--presumably composition--course for the entire quarter. This may be because I received advanced placement in English and therefore did not have to take the composition courses. The only English course I took was a course in the Bible as literature.

Let this be a warning to my students not to do the things I have dreamt that I have done!

Could this be material for a country song? The audience is probably not quite right. An opera might be more suitable, but I am not sure how commercially rewarding it is to write those.

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