Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ever thought of a career in swine science?

Neither have I, but my first teaching job (part time) was at the University of Redlands--actually, in the satellite program in San Luis Obispo. I taught statistics and research methods. To make a sharp point about the power of graphical illustrations, I created a pie chart showing "Student Enrollment by Major" at the University of Pinklands. The chart showed 100% in swine science. (The chart was quite innovative for the time--back in 1991. If Excel was even around then, it was not well known. I used Quattro, a spreadsheet that had its similarities to Lotus 123 but featured much better graphics. The graphics offered by Lotus back then were, to put it mildly, relatively pathetic.)

Occasionally, I have featured the University of Pinklands on exam questions. I also once had a question about Yellowlands National University in Amarillo, Texas, which attracted "the best and the brightest students from around the World who wanted to major in banana science.

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