Monday, April 23, 2007

Another dream

Some of y'all might be tired about reading about some of my strange dreams, but for those who are not, here is another one I had last night:

I was on a trip. I am not sure where I started and where my final destination was, but I believe it involved a cross-country trip. I was flying Delta Airlines. My first step was in Cleveland. There I caught a plane to another Ohio city from which I was supposed to fly to Sacramento, then to Fresno, and then to my final destination. I actually woke up as I was scrambling to find my gate in the second Ohio city.

Why this dream? I am not sure. I do have a trip to San Antonio coming up later this week, but I did not have this dream (so far as I can remember) when I last went to San Antonio. The Delta connection may not be co-incidence. Back when I lived in Maryland, Delta used its Atlanta hub to route me from National Airport to Seattle once. The route in this dream, of course, appeared to be even more circuitious.

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