Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stamping out intellectual sloth

For some time, I have been fighting a passionate battle to stamp out the term "etc." from student papers. Frankly, when I see the term, I have very serious doubts as to whether the writer really has any idea at all of what kind of substance is being replaced by the term. I have gone so far--quite far by the standards of a prude--to say that I consider the term fouler than the F-word. At best, its use represents intellectual sloth. More likely, it reflects incompentence and an attempt--conscious or not--to deceive the reader.

Even if a slothful "etc." does not ruin your day, it may significantly reduce one's confidence in personkind.

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Mr. Robin Mc said...

AMEN to everything you have stated on your posts, and especially regarding Aspergers Syndrome, I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD, my Psychiatrist mentioned at our most recent session, that I am his most severe case, this maKes me wonder if I actually have a form of Aspergers?
Now, that I made my "Plug" for Help, I will actually comment on the subject here, and say, Definately, YES!, that it is WRONG for them to use the term, "ETC." to conceal more information, in the guise of shortening legnthy disclosure of sources.
Isn't that "ROBBING" us who really care about the details of the info, of the tidbits we can really use to see the whole picture ?
Robin (boulderjunk@yahoo.com)ADHD all my Life!