Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Potential plots in the next Gilmore Girls followup

For the next follow-up Gilmore Girls series, which of the following developments would you like most?
  1. Headmaster Charleston arranges for Lane to receive a college degree based on life experience and hires her as the Head Music Teacher at Chilton.
  2. Upon the retirement of Headmaster Charleston, Paris becomes headmaster at Chilton and shocks the faculty with the admonition that the curriculum must be made "45 percent tougher so that we can beat those nasty [expletive deleted] at the Oxford Academy."
  3. Taylor persuades a luxury goods factory outlet mall operator to locate a facility in Stars Hollow. Property values go up dramatically, but the locals start complaining about traffic congestion.  Taylor valiantly pushes Luke to offer some "at least reasonably sophisticated fare" in the diner so that mall shoppers can be attracted to visit Downtown.  When Luke resists, Taylor attempts to enlist Emily to plead his case, but Emily takes Luke's side, telling Taylor that "this kind of supercilious snobbery is deplorable and entirely unbecoming."
  4. In order to escape their obligations to visit, Lorelai and Luke persuade Emily to run for the U.S. Senate. After Emily serves three years, she is elected Vice President, and the Governor persuades Lorelai to take over Emily's Senate seat. After Emily and the President find themselves too exhausted to run for re-election, Lorelai is elected President on the Republican ticket.  She serves for two terms and uses her business sense to promote a strong progressive agenda.  Democrats and Republicans all agree that she will go down in history as "a truly great--if not the best--President."  Luke feels uncomfortable in the White House, so he sets up a non-profit organization that that sells hamburgers and fries to tourists, with the proceeds going to programs for returning veterans.
  5. When Rory is nominated to be U.S. ambassador to China, it comes up in her confirmation hearings that she has been serving as an undercover agent for the CIA since shortly after graduating from Yale.
  6. Miss Patty has an affair with Headmaster Charles, and when they are exposed, a major scandal erupts. Lorelai brokers an agreement with concerned parents that Headmaster Charles will take a one year sabbatical for counseling and "deep and intense soul searching," after which he will be allowed to return. Tristan is tapped to be Acting Headmaster.  Unfortunately, Tristan has a major disagreement with the football coach on strategy, and when the coach has to go on medical leave after being punched out, Tristan hires Kirk as acting coach.  Although many of the players and a large number of fans have serious doubts about the acting coach's strategy, the team goes on to have its best ever season.
  7. A famous actress named Lauren Graham moves to Stars Hollow.

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