Sunday, July 02, 2006

Trying to fool the public...

The other day, I had an appointment with the Department of Marketing Designated Administrator in Charge of Faculty Photography at the Marshall School of Business of the University of Southern California (DMDACFPMSBUSC) to have my photograph taken for the faculty description board.

For standardization, the photograph was taken against a door. The light was modest, so it was only after we returned to the department office with three photographs taken that it was noticed that my shirt collar was misaligned. The DMDAFPMSBUSC suggested that we take another photograph, but I pointed that since the picture was intended to show reality and that it would be more likely than not that an absent-minded professor would be found with a collar astray, it might be more realistic to keep the original pictures so that people could recognize me in real life. After some thought, the DMDAFPMSBUSC said, "Then we'll play a trick on them!" I was happy to go along since I never pass up a good prank. ;)