Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bozozity and delusion

Is the bozo completely clueless as to the consequences of his stiffing of suppliers, tax avoidance, insulting of the disabled and war heroes, unrepentant philandering, misappropriation of funds, treasonous encouragement of enemy nations to hack into U.S. computer systems, abuse of bankruptcy laws, deceptive advertising and misrepresentation, unmitigated use of profanity, and general lack of any meaningful element of conscience on the destination to which he will be headed when he passes away? Sadly, I would not be surprised if he has deluded himself that he will be in the number of that saints when they come marching in--and that he is owed the privilege of skipping the march and arriving in an air conditioned limousine. He will probably not be very happy with the climate control in place where he is headed. If he is dependent on ice skating for his happiness, he will be in real trouble.

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