Monday, March 31, 2008

A disturbing dream

This one really has me puzzled--and embarrassed.

I dreamed that a service department employee at a Ford dealership insisted on bringing in an obnoxious salesperson who wanted me to sign up for a life long e-mail account on which I could store important information. It would work fifty or even hundred years from now.

What really doesn't jive with my self image as a kind and compassionate individual is that, as the salesperson made a long and rambling introduction, I kept hitting the salesperson's knuckles on one hand with my keys--not just car keys, but a large keyring with other keys. The salesperson apparently never tried to pull his hand away.

Just for the record, I have never actually engaged in this behavior while awake. I did once yell at a crooked car salesman, even in this case of a rotten psychopath who lied with impunity, I did not resort to physical violence. And I did not even succeed in getting him fired. Also for the record, that bozo was not with Ford.

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