Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seven habits of highly ineffective F-students

  1. Ditch or arrive late for class
  2. Engage in personal conversations during class
  3. Fail to follow instructions and pay attention
  4. Use the term “etc.” in their assignments and exam answers
  5. Study insufficiently for exams and put inadequate effort into assignments
  6. Fail to think logically and/or make their reasoning clear
  7. Overestimate their own performance, insight, and competence


doctorious said...

May I suggest an 8th Habit: Blame or begrudge your instructor after receiving a failing -- or at least unexpectedly low -- grade. :)

Fille-de-Etoile said...

So funny! Back in the day when I was a college student (okay, only about 8 months ago), I strongly dislike classmates having personal conversations while the professor is talking. Yeah, I did not study too well especially when I had so many classes to juggle and trying my best to do well in class. I did get only one F in a college course because I didn't keep up with the papers. I did keep up with the readings and class discussions. In some ways, I was glad to finally failed a college course. I tend to have a fear of failure. After I failed, I realized, it wasn't the end of the world. I kept going and actually graduated from college after six years on undergrad.

Kristen Skov said...

9. Study subjects that are of no interest to you, i.e. seagulls.