Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A bad dream--in two stages

The other night, I first dreamed that I was on my way to guest speak to a colleague's class at a nearby institution. I had budgeted plenty of time, but suddenly realized that I had only twelve minutes until the talk was scheduled to talk--but would definitely not be able to make it to the location--which I wasn't entirely clear on where to find. To make matters worse, as I was sitting in a parking lot to call my colleague, my cell phone was stolen. A woman approached me, asking, of all things, for an aspirin (which I must somehow had had with me), and while I was distracted, her partner in crime stole my cell phone. I woke up and wondered if it was really safe to keep my cell phone on my belt, or whether I was too vulnerable to get it stolen that way in real life.

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atlanta_bambi said...

You hold yourself to high standards and are not content to give less than you feel you expect of yourself. A relationship with a woman that is a goal or an actuality right now leaves you with deep concerns that opening up in that way may bring you to have to make a compromise or accept a change in your priorities. You feel vulnerable and fear being 'played'. Was this a quiz? **Shirlene** (Or maybe Joseph with my coat of many colors)