Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's finally here: My "un-holiday" letter!

For many years, I had planned to send out a holiday greeting to try to catch up with many of those with whom I have not had the opportunity to maintain regular contact. Unfortunately, the end of the semester tends to be a rather busy time in academia, so for many years, this has not happened. This summer, I decided that it might be a more effective strategy to send out an "un-holiday" letter instead. I have posted this letter at .

With all the time that has gone by, the letter turned out to be a little on the long side (although I have managed to keep to fewer than one hundred footnotes), so it may take a few moments for the letter to show up. Enjoy!

  • Some will conclude that reading that far has been a giant waste of time;
  • Some will not be able to put the letter down until you reach the end;
  • Some of you will reluctantly put the letter down out of a felt obligation to feed your children a hasty dinner, then proceeding to read out loud parts of the letter as a bedtime story;
  • Some will scan for selected topics of interest;
  • Some of you will read the main document but skip the footnotes, potentially losing out on some of the juiciest parts of the letter;
  • Some will continue to enjoy the rest of the document in small doses;
  • Some will pretend to continue to enjoy the rest of the document in small doses under a rather questionable belief that distinguished professors are supposed to be profound and insightful; and
  • Some of you will convince someone else to read the letter, highlighting any useful information or providing a summary.
Page 2 briefly lists a few rewards afforded those who read the letter in its entirety.

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