Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is it cheaper to be a Republican?

In political communication--as in any marketing task--it often comes down to efficiency. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal and an episode on CBS News reported reseach which demonstrates taste and other differences that tend to help predict political inclinations. Specifically, it was found that whereas Wal-Mart shoppers are more likely to be Republicans, those shopping in Target are more likely to be Democrats. Those who go to Starbucks are more likely to be Democrats; Dunkin' Donuts is more likely to serve Republicans. Republicans are more likely to prefer Bourbon; Democrats are more likely to go for gin. Perhaps not surprisingly, gun ownership and a Wall Street Journal subscription tend to predict Republicanism. It is important to note that although the predictive validity of each variable is modest, in combination, this has proven quite effective in allocating political campaign resources. Unfortunately, the Bush campaign credits--although I would discredit--this campaign for the Bush victory last time. I am not happy that my profession gets that credit. ;) It may be that sunscreen use in the neck area would be a better predictor. Republicans would probably use much less.

Although Republicans are more likely to spend money on guns and ammo, and on a Journal subscription, in the long run, it may be cheaper to be a Republican. I am sure about the relative liquor prices, but, in the long run, discount store shopping and coffee is likely to be cheaper.

The variables did not do all the well for me. It is true that I do not have a gun, but I do subscribe to the Journal and I do frequent Wal-Mart. Admittedly, when I do go for coffee, I favor Starbucks, but the occasion is rare. I don't touch either liquor.

Would I be happier at Target? Maybe I should check out that chain more closely.


Mr. Robin Mc said...

I am trying to figure out which party, Republican, or Democrat, is most receptive to listen to me, it seems the Liberal/Dems support social programs, yet get very Anal with me, not wanting to hear me Babble about anything, when all I want to acheive, is an accurate explanation of how I see things, and how I want to be of assistance to help those less fortunate,
(I won't DARE say, "Etc?", LOL!!)
whereas the Republicans seem to be very practical, will listen to me somewhat from some "Christian" standpoint,love of Jesus thru compassion, yet not acknowledge existence, or necessity of support, funding, for mental health issues.
My Mother always said I am "Normal", the rest of the world is screwed up, but I had to face rejection nevertheless!
Robin (

Lars Perner, Ph.D. said...

There is no obvious answer here since both parties have their own significant downwsides. However, upon reflection, most reasonable and insightful people would probably realize that, at least for the time being, the Democrats are probably the better choice. Irrational and uninsightful individuals will probably end up, in the majority of instances, siding with Republicans. ;)