Monday, May 15, 2006

These Dreams...

Most of us probably have strange dreams every now and then. My dreams may be a bit stranger than most, but, as I am fond of saying, if you do a log transformation, I am not that much of an outlier. ;)

This week-end, I dreamed that former North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms was taking one of my classes at George Washington University. The timeline involved is not clear.

Recently, I dreamed that an American student wanted to make a call to France from a landline phone in a classroom during class and--to add insult to injury--wanted the class to be quiet during the conversation!

Sometime ago, I dreamed that my sister Anette, a veterinarian, had been appointed Secretary of the Interior (despite the fact that she is probably even more liberal than I am, making a Bush nomination unlikely).

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aamamma said...

Dearest Lars, I was looking up this sy drome and up poped you. I really enjoyed your insights and thought goodness I think in some ways like you. But Iam flexiable and have no problem with eye contact. I would enjoy meeting you online or just reading your blog. I thank you for sharing yourself so readly ( maybe spelled wrong?) anyhow I will continue to read your blog and your books. Hnora aka aamamma Livonia ,Michigan