Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Two tiny bits of additional waste?

Earlier, I have commented on the "seemingly wasteful universe" with so much matter floating around out there with no apparent use for us. Yes, I know that this is an Earthnocentric point of view, but I will admit to have always been a bit Earthnocentric. I did have to make allowances for the Sun--which sustains life on Earth--and reluctantly for Jupiter, since this giant planet apparently shields the Earth from objects that might have collided with us if they had not been grabbed by Jupiter's gravity.

Now it has been announced that Pluto has at least two more moons--for a total of at least three. Previously, I had not expressed much concern about Pluto--the planet is so small that this amount of waste seems rather immaterial compared to the rest of the universe. Two more puny moons probably won't make the situation much worse, anyway. It is entirely possible that Uranus and Neptune do some good, too, but I am more skeptical here, and their number of moons might be a bit mor excessive...

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Prufrock said...

Just think of the annoying fact that there's even other galaxies out there, too. ;)