Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tears on my keyboard

No, I am not personnally crying at the moment, but the Autism Society of America will hold its annual conference in Nashville, TN, this year, and as part of that event, I have been given the opportunity to write a country music song and have it put to music. So, I am writing a beautiful song about a man who lives in Tennessee and "meets" a woman who lives in Texas online. For many years, it has been a "secret" dream of mine to become a country star (see http://www.larsperner.com/personal/brief_biography.htm), but unfortunately, I seem to lack any talent when it comes to singing. At least I can write the songs!


Prufrock said...

Sounds awesome. Wish I could come :D

Kristen Hagen said...

I didn't get to make it to Nashville this year so I didn't get to hear your song. Is it available online? Did you meet the online "someone" from Texas? Such drama and intrigue! Thanks, Kristen